Monday, January 9, 2012 |

Palm Trees

     Welcome 2012 and with it usually comes resolutions. Well back in the fall I had posted regarding my landscaping challenges and how during the year I was going to rectify that situation here at the house. With the weather being in the 70's and 80's since Christmas here in Southern California I am operating under the illusion that it's time to start planting!
     I know, however, with the uncertainty of what next week may bring and the fact that it is still considered winter; I settled for filling the huge concrete plant holders that have been stationed at the brick posts of my covered patio. While this wasn't on the initial picture list of my last post, it was still something that I had wanted to have completed.
     These beautiful concrete pots were purchased and never used by my parents and I didn't want to make the same mistake and waste their potential. I also have come to the conclusion that most any plant that I use in any pot or planter will need to be brought tolerant and hardy which doesn't leave me with a lot of choices concerning flowers and tropical type foliage. Most everything will have to have a very small root base and be very low maintenance.
     However, I indulged on these beautiful Palm Trees. They were $10.98 for the 10" pots at Home Depot. I thought at first I would go with the 12" and that the trees themselves would be just a little bigger but the price went from what I payed to $26.00 for a pot that was only 2 inches more. Didn't seem to make monetary sense. Also these particular Palms can grow to 10 feet tall, but are very slow growers and I figured the smaller pot will allow me to enjoy them longer before the out grow the pot years from now.
     It is amazing how just that little bit of green makes a huge difference in the look of the back yard already. Makes it look a little more lived in and the Palms are the perfect thing for a So. Cal back yard. I have already started planning the very back flower bed and found some possible choices of vegetation. I am also trying to think if I can or should put in a water feature of some sort. There is one corner that doesn't get a lot of water even when the sprinklers are on and I'm thinking if I can get electricity to it, that would be a great place for a small water fall of some sort. Also it will be my memorial garden to to our family Siberian Husky's. I am looking into some little stones that commemorate them and I have a beautiful statue that will fit perfect into the landscape with it. I am looking forward to sharing further progress with you all!

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