How To's

I found these directions on how to make Flower Buttons that could be used as embellishments on scrapbook layouts, cards, jewelry, and even hair accessories. It's from the November issues of BHG and the directions are listed on page 194 if your a current subscriber. I can't wait to try these out!

List of Materials

1. 8 fabric circles the same size (can use a soup can as a pattern and trace or even use your cricut to cut material of whatever size circle you want.
2. 2 smaller circles made of felt (that doesn't cut well on a cricut, so maybe a punch will help)
3. Fabric glue
4. Needle and thread
5. buttons to coordinate with material
6. If using as an accessory for hair or as pins than you will need the fasteners as well

Take one of your large fabric circles and fold it in half and then again into quarters. Add a dab of fabric glue to it and fold again into eights. Repeat to create the other seven large fabric circles. Position all eight on a smaller piece of felt as if they were slices of pizza and flue each to the felt to secure. Sew a button to the center of the flower suing a needle and thread. You can even use a decorative button that doesn't need sewing, but be sure to secure it tightly with heavy duty glue. Glue the second smaller felt circle to the back to cover the stitches if you sewed the button and than glue or stitch a fastener on the back. You can make individual flowers, add them together in a cluster of different sizes and even add in feathers and other materials for a unique look all your own.
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