All About Me

I'm Holly and I am the creator of HollyStar Designs. I have been a novice blogger on and off for several years now, but to me never have been able to get the right feel for what I wanted a blog to be all about. In the past year I have been unemployed after 10 years working as a social worker and due to the cutbacks and Federal spending my job was cut. I have spent the last year just recuperating from the job it's self and trying to settle in and finding something to do. It's amazing how long it can take to "find yourself". I have spent oodles of time looking at magazines, and blogs of all the amazing women out there who either craft or create full time or even just in their spare time, and I have always wanted to try my hand at it.

So here I am, starting another blog and hopping to be more successful at it. I want to try and bring some real world practicality to making daily life a joy to live whether it be in making a project, decorating your home, recipes, or health and beauty tips that I think people will enjoy. This blog will definitely be an adventure which I hopes eventually steers it's self into a life long enjoyment of opportunity and happiness.

To give you a little background on me, I am 38 married to my husband of 6 years. We don't have any kids which just wasn't in the cards for us. We do have two beautiful dogs; Dakota our 13 year old Siberian Husky and Brutus our 2 year old Boxer. We have moved multiple times over the 13 years that Paul and I have been together. I finally have my very own room in which to set up all my crafts and a space that I can call my own, but we are still looking eventually to moving out of California. I think it will be a wonderful opportunity for us financially and I look forward to being in an area where I can see space between the houses!

I hope you enjoy following me on my adventures and would love to hear your input and comments. I know without having children it makes most people think that I may not understand realistically the time constraints that a lot of women have on them today. However, as someone who works full time and still cares for and holds the majority of the responsibility in a household I do understand and I'm hoping that my ideas will inspire and meet the time constraints that most women have on their day.

I want to thank some people that have helped inspire me over the years and still encourage me to be all that I can be: First I have to thank my mom Sharon, I know it's been a rough time for us the past few months, but no matter what she's always there to listen, to encourage and really without her this new blog wouldn't have happened. She always asks me, "What do you want to do Holly? What makes you happy?" Well I am still looking for my niche, but with that always in the back of my head, I always keep reaching out and trying something new. To Tomasa, Stacy, Stephanie, Melissa, you ladies are always telling me I am so talented and I can do anything. Thank you always for the love and encouragement you give to me! So this is for all you wonderful ladies, I hope I can make you proud!
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