To Do List

There are always things that I want to do that don't always needed to be included on a weekly To Do List. Long or short term ideas that I think of that would be good for the house, or a party, or even just a scrapbook page or layout. However, I am terrible about writing them all down, and when I do they normally get lost in some journal or piece of paper that I misplace somewhere. So here is my digital online To Do or Want list that you can track with me on the things that I want to do and the things that I complete.

1. Find a unique but simple centerpiece for my Thanksgiving Day table

2. Every year we do a little "I'm Thankful" project, would like to do one that may include an old picture frame decorated where we can pin leaves to it and than I can use it as a future decoration for the coming years.

3. I would like to get rid of a small end table that I currently have in the dinning room and replace it with a taller table that can be used to lay out drinks and glassware when I have guests. Than can be used for different holiday decor in between times.

4. My entry way is very plain, I would like to see if I can liven it up with some pretty mouldings that cover a good portion of the wall, but leave the area with my photo frames natural. Than I would like to have a very narrow but elongated table on that wall as well. A bench would be great, but I'm afraid would stick out to far and be more of a nuisance than an asset.

5. I need to get some spray paint and re-paint a small bird house that I have in the living room on the mantel. While I love my dark woods and decor, I need to lighten some things up and start adding in or re-making some of my accessories that will help brighten the room.

6. My front windows need a window dressing.

7. Re-organize my pantry for the holidays. Weed out any foods that I will not use or need and donate them to a food bank, and than take stock of what I will need for baking and cooking for the holidays.

8. Look for scrap material in the clearance bins at my local craft store so that I can make the Flower Buttons seen in the BHG November issue. (Instructions posted in small projects page)

9. Start planning my landscape plants for Spring, which may or may not include a new tree

10. Make Corn Bread dressing from scratch

11. Make a Molasses-Bourbon Pecan Pie, with a homemade pie crust

12. Make a sweet potato Spoon Bread

(Recipes for the things I want to try are listed in the Good Eats Tab under October 23, 2011)

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