Tuesday, August 23, 2011 |

What Is HollyStar Designs

What is HollyStar Designs, who is HollyStar? Well HollyStar is me, just Holly with an added ring to it. But seriously, I was sitting down this weekend reading through my latest copy of Better Homes and Gardens and reading through all the pages featuring different designers and realized that I may not be a big name, I may not have my own clothing store or design shop, but I am a designer.

Every great designer started somewhere, be it from displaying their goods and services locally, starting a blog, or on Etsy. Just because I don't have anything to sell yet, doesn't mean that I'm not a designer or something. I design my life, I have helped other people design theirs. Whether it being from advice on life to what color they should paint their walls. I scrapbook, make cards, design my home and I realized I do all of these things because it's fun and I love to be creative. The other great thing about it is that I'm do it on a limited budget!

Of course everyone these days is on a budget, but how often do you see something in the magazine that says budget friendly, but when you see the bottom line you still say, "I can't afford that?" As designers become more popular and widely known, the higher their product and services become. I'm not here to make money, at least not yet, and if the time ever comes that I can take what I love and make a living, it won't be at the expense of my followers. I may not be the next Martha Stewart but I'm hoping that I can enrich someones life by giving them ideas and projects that they can use in their own life and homes. I want the average women to be able to take an idea and run with it. Give them hope that an expensive looking home, or project doesn't have to come from having a huge budget. That all it takes is perseverance, and a little imagination.

So today HollyStar Designs begins. For me this is an adventure of trial and error, of self discovery, and hopefully helping the average women feel that the impossible is possible. I hope you will join me and we can explore and create together!
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