Monday, September 12, 2011 |

Wine Party Invitations

     I am so excited for my upcoming Wine Tasting Party here at the end of the month. I made sure that I did a save the date of my guest list on Facebook, because I didn't know how long it was going to take me to make my invitations. I had to order some stamps online and knew it could take a couple of weeks to get them, but amazingly they came within a week! I was so excited to get these stamps and I'm hoping I find more uses for them than just invitations and for the party.

 So here are my invitations. I debated about buying a pre-made set that included the invites, and rating cards for the different wines and they were only $11.99, but wouldn't have been as much fun. At least I don't think. These actually were surprisingly simple to make once I got going.
      For my invitations I used: Paperhouse Productions Wine Country Collage paper, Stampin up Green and Burgundy solid papers, Celebrate with Flourish Cricut Cartridge (available only at Walmart), Glossy Accents, Recollection Invitation Stamp, and Crafty Secrets Clear Art Stamps - Wine Lovers.

   1. First I cut out the shadow of the wine bottle and glasses in a 9 inch size from the Burgundy paper. There was some flourish on them so I trimmed all of those so they could fit easily into a business envelope.
     2. Than I cut the underneath shadow from the green paper, also trimming off the flourish design.       
     3. Lastly I used the Wine Country Collage paper to do the final layer on the top.
     4. I completed the layers by using adhesive. Any kind that your comfortable with will do.
     5. I wanted the green paper to look like a bottle so where it shows I applied the Glossy Accents and let dry thoroughly.
      6. With the extra green paper I stamped out the invitation and cut around them trimming off all the access green. I than stamped the decorative piece from the Wine Lovers set.
     7. Apply the invitation piece on the back side of the invitation.
     8. I used a Fiskars flower punch to create the flower on the back of the small tag attached to the bottle which was perfect for a 2 inch circle that I cut with the Cricut using the Plantin School Book, but can just as easily be done with a craft punch.
    9. Using my Crop-a-Dial Big Bite, I punched a hole in the tag and inserted a eyelet. Using just some gold colored floss thread I attached the tag around the neck of the bottle lifting up the layers on the front side so as to not interfere with the look of the invitation.
     Again, I am so glad that I made my own invitations. Really set the tone immediately for what the invitation is all about. I have to admit that at first I felt a little embarrassed about asking each of the attendees to bring a bottle of wine, but I am on a budget and I am supplying wine and all the munchies to go with it. While I will have a brief demonstration on how the wine should be tasted, this gathering is more about bringing my friends together. We all haven't seen each other in a while and I wanted just a great evening of wine, food, fun, and laughter. There's definitely no embarrassment in that!

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