Wednesday, November 2, 2011 |

30 Day Challenge - Day #26 My Purse

Good Morning Bloggers, I just realized that I did Day 25 out of turn, but that's alright, I don't think it really matters. It's the idea that I hit all the topics, not necessarily in some specific order. So today is "What Will You Find in My Bag?" Lately I have been in the habit of switching bags to match or coordinate with my outfits. I can do that now that my stock of purses has been beefed up again, thanks to a generous donation from my Aunt, and I few really good clearance sales, again compliments of my aunt. I hate to say good purses go to waste. Used for one season or a couple of times and voila! They are in the suitcase, or in my case one of the numerous boxes shipped home because I couldn't fit it all in the suitcase!
I tell you that I have a bigger passion for purses than I do shoes. They are way more comfortable on me than most any shoe. I wish I could have a shoe fetish, and wear all the cute heels and styles that I see, but honestly, almost any shoe kills my severely flat feet, so I turn to purses for comfort and style. Now the Zebra purse pictured above is one that I had to buy myself, and I say it was worth every penny of the $19.99 I spent! I love this purse. Such a reflection of me, don't you think?

So there you have it all laid out on the table for everyone to see, and yes, that is EVERYTHING, that is in the purse. A couple of receipts, a wallet, my IPOD, my keys, two lighters, two mints, a container of Eclipse Gum, sunglasses, hand lotion, Kleenex, two lip glosses one tinted the other clear, and one solitary penny. I don't keep a lot in my purse and what's missing is a package of wet wipes, but I'm out of those. Since I change purses so much, I don't want to transfer a ton of things, but yet, I rarely ever fill the purse up either, and some of them are pretty large. My cell phone is missing, but it often finds it's way into a pocket of my pants for easy access. I hate trying to fish it out of the bottom. If the purse has a front pocket I will put it there, but this purse doesn't have one. So that's all there is to me. Not a lot, but enough. I used to have such heavy purses, and I'm not sure what used to go in those, but the family joke was that my mother was saving money for the inevitable shoulder surgery that I would one day need after lugging around bricks all day. Like everything else in my life I have tried to scale down the clutter and I'm glad I have.
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