Wednesday, November 2, 2011 |

Cookbook Scrapbook Project

     Do you have so many cookbooks that you don't know what recipe is where? Do you find yourself collecting recipes from friends, family, the Internet and have tons of printed recipes or cards? Well I know I do and man what a mess. Every Holiday season I am in a scramble to find the Asian Wantons, Maple Pork Chops, or the Magic Bars that everyone loves. I can't take it anymore! I also have to admit that I have been horribly lazy over the last year and have so many projects that I have saved up and are just sitting collecting dust. One of these projects is my scrapbook cookbook.
     Last Christmas Mom and I were shopping at Costco and I found this really cool scrapbook kit. Now I'm way past kits, but it came with the actual recipe book, paper, embellishments, plastic sleeves, and dividers. I have already spent hours here at my computer typing in the recipes that have been printed out from the computer, and numerous hours going through each and everyone of my cookbooks making reference pages to insert into each section of the cookbook. There are desserts, main dishes, side dishes, appetizers and snacks, drinks, breads, and soups. So as I find tried and true family favorites, I'm also documenting recipes that I would like to try and all I would have to do is go to my one book, look up the recipe and it will tell me which book and which page to find it on.

     On top of the supplies that came with the kit; I have also been collecting more papers, more embellishments to add to the book, because I know I will have way more than what they gave me in the kit. I want to say that I'm about half done with collecting the recipes, but honestly, I have five more Gooseberry Patch's to go through before I even start on the rest of the books. I thought this was going to be easy and it is to a point, I think it's more time consuming than anything. However, I know that eventually I won't need to look through hundreds of photo copies to find those delicious Asian Wantons, which will make my life so much easier in the end.
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