Monday, November 14, 2011 |

My New Beep Beep

     I am so excited!!! I'm finally mobile again. Well at least mobile enough not to have to worry about driving into the next town. I'm not limited to just the surrounding area! My husband and I spent all day yesterday looking for cars. Not the funnest thing to do in the world. However, it really wasn't to bad. A little disappointed with one dealership. I got up, thanked him for his time, but told him that I wasn't going to waste any more of his or my time. They got me back in the chair to waste another 30 minutes of my time. Gees, what's up with that?! Really you were going to sell the car anyway!
     Anyway, went looking for mid-size trucks and got a small SUV, or to most saying SUV when it's a Jeep is an insult. So it's a Jeep Patriot. Finally found a 2010 at CarMax. I was in the very back corner of their lot and there was not a sales person in sight. I finally flagged one guy down and told him I wasn't leaving the car. Everything we were interested in already had sale pending or sold signs. He told me to lick it and stay right were I was at!! That was funny! Loved my experience with CarMax. I love the no haggle pricing. So if you can't afford it, you just keep looking. I think we were there from beginning to end under 2 hours! Wow!! That was perfect. Would recommend anyone looking for a used vehicle to go to them. So simple and the sales staff and everyone in there was super nice. They don't work on commission so you don't get that sales pressure either. Got the car for almost a grand under Kelly Blue Book Value too. So happy.......let me introduce you to Lola!!!

Yes, I name my cars. I have had a Ethel, Betsy, and a Stella which was a T-bird and that was the name of the lady that owned it before me! I love naming my cars. I don't know why, but I always give them girl names. I figured Lola was a perfect name for a red car, don't you? I'm going to love driving her!!!
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