Saturday, October 15, 2011 |

30 Day Challenge - Day #10 Songs I Listen to When......

     I'm happy, bored, sad, or mad........That's a good one, I'm not sure my song selections have everything to do with moods, but I do flip around on my IPOD alot and it depends on what car I'm in. For the Element, I can listen to just about anything because while it has a really great sound system being stock, the Bronco has a huge system with an amp and base. So I definitely like to listen to thumping music when I drive that. Shhhh, don't tell Paul that because I have spent years telling him to grow up and stop trying to out do the teenagers. However, I have to admit I like a little thump power.
     Bon Jovi's "It's My Life" is a great empowerment song for me. I like to hear this when I am in need of reminding that this is my life, my time, and that it's more than OK to stand out from the crowd and be my own person.


     Pink is just awesome, and I love "So What". I become a rock star of my own world and I just love rocking out to this song and singing it at the top of my lungs. Not that I can sing it all that well, but who cares, when I'm in the car, I am the rock star!

     Pink's song "Glitter" is a song that I listen to for it's beautiful words of how sometimes I wish I could capture moments that could last forever. This performance at the music awards was just beautiful and tasteful and really the song it's self could make you cry depending on the mood I'm in.

     Lady Gaga in all her eccentric glory, is just a great song with some awesome base and it's a great song to put on in the Bronco. Pure entertainment value. I love most of what she does and I love her for her ability to do what she wants and she doesn't care. She's a little out there, but she lives life to it's fullest and I applaud her for that!

     I think this is a great song by the Flogging Molly's. I think I would want this one played at my funeral. Yes, morbid I know, but if you listen to the words it really says a lot about life and how we leave it for others.

     This is really a great love song, I know it's not the traditional songs that we would normally hear on the radio, but the Irish really have a great way with words and I just love this song.

     When I want to listen to some really high quality music, that's not necessarily classical I listen to Yanni. This video is just an exert from on of the songs from the Live at the Acropolis, and this women playing the violin is just AMAZING! If you have ever listened to any of his music, it's got such depth and you can feel the emotions move through the songs. He is an amazing performer and composer.
      I can go on and on with music. I love all kinds of music and I have built my life around having music. I learned to play the piano and started before I was even in the first grade on a toy piano. I don't play so much now, but I have always made music something that I have to have in my life. I couldn't imagine my world without it.

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