Thursday, October 20, 2011 |

30 Day Challenge - Day #15 My Random IPOD List

     I am half way through my challenge, and it's definitely been a great experience. Some sad, some happy, some thoughtful and some not so thoughtful, but it's been a great journey so far. So today, it's IPOD shuffle day. I have a lot of music on my IPOD some great and some not so great. I will flip through it randomly to find just the right song to fit the mood. So I have no idea what I'm going to get so here we go...SHUFFLE!!!!

1. It's Not Over - Chirs Daughtry
2. Strangelove - Depeche Mode
3. Summer of 69 - Bryan Adams
4. Welcome to the Jungle - Guns and Roses
5. Lullaby - The Cure
6. Against the Wind - Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band
7. Proment - Hans Zimmer and Enya from Last of the Mohican's
8. Cloud Nine - Evanescence
9. All About Loving You - Bon Jovi
10. Feels Like the First Time - Foreigner
11. Clocks - Cold Play
12. Come Again - Damn Yankees
13. If I Can't Have You - Kelly Clarkson
14. Wherever I May Roam - Metallica
15. and unkown Eminem song - (just says Track 7 and I know that's from his first album)

     Well there you have it, my eclectic and random look into the music on my IPOD. Real exciting stuff huh? Stay tuned for tomorrow's post!
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