Tuesday, October 25, 2011 |

30 Day Challenge - Day #19 Nicknames

     Having such a short name and one that rhymes with a lot I have people come up with lots of nicknames over the years. Of course in school I was called Holly Hobbie, since that was a popular character back in the day. I never really liked that one for some reason, but sometimes I think it was appropriate now since I do have a lot of hobbies!
     Now I have nicknames like Holly Pockets, Holly Molly, and Holly Bear; which are all names my friends have come up with. My husbands name is Paul and for some reason people call us Pauly and Holl, which I haven't quiet figured that one out. Of course my husband calls me Honey, or sweetheart, but those are more like terms of endearment not necessarily nicknames.
     For a while I was called Mario Andretti, like the race car driver since I loved to drive fast, but I have slowed my driving way down to be called that now. Sometimes people call me Martha Stewart for my decorating and entertaining skills. I always like that one, I find that it's a great compliment. My aunt calls me Sweet pea, because that used to be my Grandpa's favorite flowers to grow and she has just always called me that. Sometimes she calls me other names jokingly, but they aren't fit for a blog, so I will just keep those to myself. My Mom calls me Pumpkin, and every year for Halloween she sends me a pumpkin card. My Dad used to call me Fred. Not sure why he calls me that, it just is.
     I think that's just about it when it comes to nicknames. Nothing more to write about this.
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