Sunday, October 23, 2011 |

My Landscaping Challenge

     I currently live in the house that I grew up in and over the years my parents made a lot of improvements with the house inside and out. However, with the improvements came no focus on what to actually plant. So I have inherited a house with virtually plants. For me that's just fine, this way I can do what I want, but after a year of living here I'm still uncertain as to what to do. Being that it's now fall and winter is fast approaching I don't have to really worry about anything at the moment, but I do have time to plan out what I want to do come spring time.
     I'm loving the fact that I get to start from bare bones, but at the same time my spaces do give me a huge challenge when it comes to finding things that are going to not only work in narrow beds for the most part, but also area that can get extreme heat for a good part of the year. I also want things that will go from year to year, and also be functional for most of the seasons. I originally thought about planting a lot of Hibiscus in the back area, but realized that they do shed completely by the winter and are very susceptible to frost bite, which can happen in my neck of the woods. So I figured that I would save plants like that for pots that would go around my large fountain or something. Than I can put them in the back of the garage under the eves for winter.
     I took pictures of all my spaces that I would like to fill. I am looking forward to showing you the changes as they occur. Again, looking for low maintenance and beauty, along with all year coverage, I think I have created a massive project for myself, but I'm up to the challenge. I can't wait to get this place looking beautiful outside!
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