Sunday, October 23, 2011 |

30 Day Challenge - Day #17 Trading Places?

     So what would it like to trade places with someone for a day? Well that's what I have to figure out today, who exactly that person would be. Women joke about how they would love to trade places with a man for a day to see what things are like in the other gender, but would we really. Aside from the monthly bill, I'm not sure I would want to be a man for a day. Well, I guess for a day it wouldn't be bad, but only if that day was on one of "my days" and that man got to see what we women go through!
     Seriously though, who would I want to trade with for a day. It would obviously need to be someone rich and famous. Someone who leads an interesting life. I would also want to pick the day as well, it wouldn't be fun to have a day that's boring or full of work, right? Of course if I picked someone of importance, than I would want it to be a work day so that maybe I could make some relevant change in this world. So if I was to go that route, it would need to be someone that could make things happen not be just another link in the chain.
   Maybe some people would have no problems picking the person that they would trade with. Maybe it could be Pink, or Lady Gaga, and I could perform on a stage in front of thousands of screaming fans. I could be Angelina Jolie, rallying for world peace or environmental issues. Maybe I would pick Bill Gates and have lots of money and jet off to some European country for the day or come up with the next big idea in computer software. All of these people sound good, but would they really be a great choice to trade with?
Would I want to be beautiful and admired, or just admired for being smart and rich? I could choose anything I want to be and yet, I can't think for one moment who I would rather trade places with. Hmmm, be married to Brad Pitt, or at least living in sin, or just plain little ole me. While I am trying to play along with today's topic, I'm really just not sure who I would want to trade places with. It worked out well for Eddy Murphy, but I think trading places with someone rich and or famous would leave me just wanting and disappointed in the end.
     So I think it's just best to stay me. Maybe a better version of me would be nice. How about just giving me someones bank account for the day? That way I can initiate my own changes, get them in motion and at the end of the day I'm the one who can still continue on and make the difference. I would rally to save some close to extinct species, start a movement of political change in our country, help initiate more green alternatives that are cheaper for the average American to purchase. Heck maybe even buy a Prius Hybrid for every household in my neighborhood! Who knows, the possibilities are endless! But there is only one me and I am content to be me!
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