Thursday, October 13, 2011 |

30 Day Challenge - Day #8 Short Term Goals for This Month

     Today's challenge is really making me stretch a little. I haven't really had any goals over the last year except to just unwind and focus on myself. Of course I really haven't been focusing on my self to much and that's been a major problem. So here is my short term goal list:

1. Find a new car (OK, a newer used car) without that I can't even begin to look for work.
2. Start on one of my scrapbook projects that I have all the stuff for

3. Start figuring out what's going to make me happy in a new job

4. Focus on me and my husband and the things that we want to do

That's about it. Don't need to set my sights to high, finding a car is going to take a lot of time as it is.
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