Wednesday, October 12, 2011 |

30 Day Challenge - Day #6 My Favorite Superhero and Why?

     Again, I am behind on my Blog, so much for the apology the other day, but than I never would have dreamed that I would come down sick. My head has felt like a balloon, and is ready to pop any moment! I haven't been able to concentrate on anything in particular except the T.V., and that's limited too. Anyway Day 6 is a tough one for me. I really have never had a "favorite" super hero. Of course I thought the list was limited to Batman, Robin, Spider man, Superman, Wonder Women, etc... So I looked up on google to find a list of super hero's and I got all kinds of them. One website even offers up Huey, Duey, and Luey as superheros? What? Really? Wow!! I guess by definition it's any character that has premiered in a comic book?
     There has also been an explosion of movies done from comic books over the last few years, so if I just go by the movies that I have liked the most I could list Judge Dredd, (yes, he started as a comic book hero), transformers, X-men, and Captain America. I totally could base my favorite superhero on the actors that have played superheros such as; Hugh Jackman as the wolf in X-Men, or Edward Norton as the Hulk, and even could consider George Clooney when he played Batman.
     What are the qualifications that a superhero must have to be considered in my list of favorites? They all save the world from terrible destruction, they all have some weird demented talent, most of them are good looking, and they almost always get the girl in the end. So that doesn't help narrow anything down either. So to keep this one really short, I don't have a "favorite" superhero. Plain and simple. Our world needs a real superhero and until someone comes along that can really fight for justice and the American way, I'm inclined to watch the movies and just dream of having a real superhero that can turn this country around.
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