Monday, October 10, 2011 |

30 Day Challenge - Day #5 a Picture of somewhere I Have Been

     I apologize to my blog followers, I wasn't able to do my blog this weekend because I was having a girls weekend up north at the Renaissance Pleasure Fair. It was a great time. I'm back now, and will continue on my 30 day Blog Challenge with today being a picture of somewhere I have been.

     Of course you should already know that this is London Bridge in London England. I was there back in 1990 as an exchange student my junior year in high school. It was only an exchange between Rotary Clubs and the trip was about three weeks long. It's the farthest I have ever been and my first trip outside the United States.
     We actually stayed in a town called Newmarket; considered to be the horse racing capital of the world. We traveled all over England from London, to Stratford Upon Avon (home of William Shakespeare), and up to the beach area bordering the North Sea. We met all kinds of great people, and really got to experience the culture and it gave me the travel bug something bad! I learned to drink bitter beer, went to my first and only Toga party, and taught the English kids how to TP a house.
     My favorite part of the trip was the two days we spent in London. We got to see the House of Parliament, Buckingham Palace (only on the outside), messed around with the Royal Guards, walk in Hyde Park, ride the subway, go to the market in Piccadilly Circus, rode a boat to Greewhich Village, and saw the entire city from the top of Westminster Abbey. It was an amazing time in which I wished I didn't have to worry about a group of people because I would have loved to had time to roam all by myself, but it was still amazing to see things that I had only ever read about.
     I can't wait to go back, and I can't wait till I can go explore other countries like France, Italy, Spain, Greece, and Germany.  

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