Sunday, October 30, 2011 |

30 Day Challenge - Day #23 Something I Crave A lot of

Something I crave? Hmmm let's see, craving and habits are two different things. So I would probably have to make a list of stuff. Here are 10 things I crave a lot of:

1. Chips - I am a chip whore! I love all kinds, plain, spicy, cheesy, and everything in between. My favorite is Dill Pickle potato chips and I ship bags of them home when I'm in Minnesota, because you can't find him here.

2. Homemade chocolate chip cookies

3. Starbucks Frappachino

4. Starbucks Black Ice Tea - No water, no sugar, with extra ice.

5. Affection - I crave attention, I'm a big hugger!

6. Popcorn - I love popcorn (there's the salty again) butter, salt and Tabasco for some spice and mix in some M&M's or other chocolate with it....oh what a treat!

7. Quiet me time - I can go for hours without putting a TV or radio on. I used to never be like that, had to have constant noise, but I'm so over that! I also can entertain myself for hours at a time as well.

8. Coffee - Can't start my day without at least 2 cups if not more.

9. Wine - I have become an amateur wine connoisseur, and I love to have several bottles in my house to choose from. My dad calls me a wine snob now, but I don't mind. I have my Uncle to thank for this snobbery, but it's nice to be able to go into a restaurant and be able to order wines.

10. Water - Sounds like a funny one, but I love to surround myself with moving water and I have three fountains around the house so that I can always hear the gentle lapping of water.
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