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Alcohol Ink Project

     Whenever you hear about the latest scrapbook trends the name Timothy Holtz always seems to be listed at the top. Timothy's innovative products have really made a lot of other companies stand up and take notice and many try and follow in his footsteps. He does have a unique style that not everyone can get into, but one that is great for getting a lot of ideas from.
     For a couple of years now when I peruse the isle's of my local stores I do always stop and ponder the uses for his products. I have always been fascinated by the Alcohol inks, but have been reluctant to buy them. It's one more thing and also they seemed to me limited in their usages. A non porous surface is the most common use for his ink products and to me not one that is easily accessible as it once was. When scrapbooking/card making was new the most common paper you could find was the glossy white paper which everyone found it difficult to stamp on because they would slip and slide and markers were messy and didn't dry very fast. With the advent of so many new kinds of papers and techniques, things have some a long way since than and non porous surfaces harder and harder to find.
     So one day as I am walking through Michael's I see the cutest little glossy book journals and realized they would be a great little party favor for my upcoming wine party. Next thing I know it I am online and ordering inks from since my local store was out of a good supply of choices and VOILA!, I'm in love with Timothy Holtz Alcohol Inks! Here is my instructional video on how to use the inks.
      It's hard to video tape yourself and get a close up, so I apologize that you can't see my face, but what does one do with just a small camera and being able to get close enough so people can see what your doing? However, the point of the video is to demonstrate how easy it is to use the inks and I hope that this helps to give you other ideas on what to do with them.

     To finish off the project I stamped a large wine and cheese image from Inkadinkado on to the front left hand corner of the book using black ink. Also using the stamps from the clear wine set that I used from the invitations I used the border on the top right hand side of the book, and stamped everyones name on the front using a alpha set from Stampin Up. I used an ink pad that dried easily on glossy surfaces so that it wouldn't take to long for them to dry. I continued the theme to the inside cover of the books. On the inside against the hard cover I printed out some wine tasting tips in just plain white paper and adhered to the inside cover and than again placed a stamped grape border in opposite corners. I also stamped a nice wine saying on the next page with a couple of images to make it look uniform. Since the journals themselves have lots of pages I only stamped the first 12 pages with a stamp that shows the wine variety, year of vintage, where the wine was from, and the price; just to give the girls an idea on how to complete their wine journals. 
     The journals were a big hit at the party and everyone used them to write down the different wines that we tried that night. Most of the girls at the party didn't really know how to "taste" wine and so having the tips for them on the inside really helped them. The great thing about the journals was that they could be made for any purpose. Always be on the look out for great deals in those dollar bins, you never know what your going to find.
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