Wednesday, October 19, 2011 |

30 Day Challenge - Day #14 A Picture of Me and My Family

 Today is pictures of me and my family and while I know I have a lot of extended family in places, I really don't have much contact with them, so my close family ties are very small. This picture on the left was taken several years ago when I decided we needed a family portrait. So this is my mom, dad, and my husband Paul. I loved these pictures of all of us. Below this is a picture of my Aunt and Uncle when we were at the lake in Minnesota. Hard to get a self portrait of three people with a phone, but I did it!
 I always have a really great time with them. The last picture as goofy as it is, is a picture of Paul and I with our Nephew Matthew and our sister-in-law (not in law now but family non the less) Karen. We met them in Vegas last year and other than the picture of all of us at Hoover Dam, this is the only other one of all four of us. These are the most recent photos of us with any type of family. Paul has more family, one sister and two other brothers, and than I have cousins in Oregon that I haven't seen for ages! My Grandparents have all been gone for almost 10 years now. I miss them and having the family get togethers that we
we used to have. Here in California, it's just the four of us, so my friends really become my family too. We need more time with our extended family, I would really like to have that in my life, it's just so expensive traveling across the country to see everyone!
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