Monday, October 17, 2011 |

30 Day Challenge - Day #12 How I found Out About Blogger and Why I Started One

     I probably was first introduced to blogger through the same person I got the 30 Day Blog Challenge from and that would be my friend Patricia. For a long time I was a reader of blogs and got a lot of great ideas from them, but never thought to start one of my own. I never thought I had anything really that interesting to say.
     Than I started a blog that was just a general life blog, that was boring. Than I tried one that was all about scrabooking, and that to got boring after awhile. Than I was having a hard time logging on to blogger so I went and started a unemployment journal type blog on another site, and that too seemed to fizzle and become boring.
     A couple of months ago and viewing many blogs later I came to the realization that I would love to have some kind of crafting sight. Something that maybe in the future will showcase my original designs. Of what, I'm not all that sure yet. However, I also did realize that blogs just don't have to be about one thing, they can be about many things. So I created HollyStar Designs. I think I really explained a lot about this earlier on in the challenge or even before that, so today's entry is short and sweet. Nothing much more to say.
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