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30 Day Challenge - Day #22 What Makes Me Different

     I have to laugh at today's blog topic; What Makes Me Different? Let's face it, anyone who knows me would probably laugh too! I mean we are all unique and special, but some of us definitely stand out from a crowd no matter how hard we try to blend in. In fact, I gave up trying to blend in years ago! Sometimes it's a good thing and sometimes it's not so good, but one thing you can say for me is that I make an impression. For the good, the bad or the indifferent. Rarely the indifferent, but more to the point is that you either love me or hate me. There is very rarely any in between.
     First off I am not conventional in most aspects of my life and I like to defy the rules. Oh I try and play by them, but I find my own special way to get to the same conclusions everyone else does. As long as no one tells that I have to follow the instructions exactly, than I make up my own rules as I go. I'm also not afraid to ask why something has to be done a certain way, or not afraid to show people the easier or best way to get where they need to go either. If I find that something can be done without so much fanfare, I will do it.
     I am a strong women, and there are a lot of us out there and I prefer to surround myself with other strong like minded women. They are usually the ones that are least offended by me and definitely aren't afraid to be around me because they know that they can stand up to whatever I throw at them. Which isn't to say that I'm just off in left field somewhere, but let's face it, my strong personality can definitely turn people off and I'm OK with that. I would rather you keep up, than slow me down. I don't like stragglers and I don't like to have to hold people up. I do, however, because I don't like to see people hurting and I try and empower them to stay strong, move forward, not backwards.
     I have a strange sense of wisdom. Especially in the last year or so I have had so many people ask me where I can come up with some of my philosophy's and theory's and words of advice and wisdom. All I can say is that I have no idea! It just comes out. Sometimes people aren't always thrilled with the answers, but they can at least see the sound logic behind it. But what makes me especially funny is that I often can't decipher for myself the good wisdom that I provide to others and if I do, I rarely ever take it. It's like I say to myself, let's try this and see if it works. I normally fail, but maybe that helps me to help others later one down the road, I don't know.
     Along with the creative thinking and wisdom, comes a whole lot of creativity in my head. I'm not always good at doing things that I envision, but sometimes help other people with their creativity. What I mean that I can't always execute my idea, is that I'm not all together with certain machinery that would help me put my ideas into action. I wouldn't trust myself around to many power tools and me and sewing machines don't get along very well. When it comes to drills, and nails and things like that, I'm pretty handy, but I think things that cut or stab scare me.
     OK, you can't talk about what makes me different, without talking about the hair. Some people joke that my photo albums are not about the events and vacations, it's all about the hair, because you rarely see the same hairstyle from year to year. I have had short, and medium length hair and it's been every color from bleach blond, brown, and red. I even got my red mixed with the bleach and had pink highlights for a short while. I have never really been to outlandish, but definitely like to try new styles all of the time. Sleek to spiky and everything in between. Hey, life's to short not to try different looks. I just tell my husband that it's like coming home to a different women every few months. Oh and I have learned to highlight and color my own hair which is something that every professional hair dresser I have gone to can't tell. They always ask me, "who does your color?" Why me, of course!
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