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30 Day Challenge - Day #1 a Recent Picture and 15 Facts

Today is my first day of completing the 30-day Blog Challenge, all about me. My Picture above is the most recent that I have just from last week. It's my new hair cut and color and also my profile picture on Facebook. Now to come up with the 15 interesting facts about me...hmmmm

1. I color and highlight my own hair
2. I am a published scrapbooker
3. I have moved 13 times since I was 20, but only moved once with my mom and dad
4. I make better coffee than Starbucks (at least that's what all my friends tell me, but even I know they are pretty darn good.)
5. I'm an only child
6. I can't have children and I'm OK with that.
7. I lived one year alone when my husband (than boyfriend) separated and than he came back and married me. I learned a lot in that year and feel that all women should have that opportunity once in their life while they are still young.
8. Been to England, but don't have a current passport
9. Addicted to coffee
10. My all time favorite meal is Alaskan King Crab, Nappa Cabbage Salad, sourdough bread with lots of real butter, chocolate cake and champagne. (I'm really not high maintenance!)
11. I love to have my family and friends over and cook for them
12. A majority of my home furnishings and decor is from yard sales or hand me downs
13. My friends call me a Chip Whore because I love chips of every kind and flavor
14. My life's dream is to go to Paris
15. I have a fascination with water fountains and have three of them in my yard


Tricia said...

Chip Whore...classic! LOL!

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