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30 Day Challenge - Day #3 Pictures of Friends

     I really believe the old adage that you don't miss something until it's gone. There are going to be more posts regarding friends coming up in the next couple of weeks, but I do have to say this: When I was making plans for us to move out of state, I didn't really think that I would really miss much here in California. I know people, but on a whole I can't say that I had a huge circle of friends. I have to now confess that I was completely wrong! Over the last couple of months I have been very blessed to be back in contact with some old friends and have been building stronger relationships with people that I know. Like my mom said, "You don't think you have any friends, but a person without friends would have had a party that no one showed up to!" Why is it mom's always say the right thing and are so dang smart?
     I guess that maybe my perception of what good friends are is a little skewed. I thought it had to be someone that you talked to on a daily basis, or someone that you did stuff with all the time. No, maybe that's how you develop a best friend, but friends are people that when you come together no matter how long you have been apart you can all have a good time, great conversation and laughs with. We all have so many different lives that it's hard to always see some people, but it doesn't mean your not friends with them. I also have a confession to make, sometimes I don't always make the best friend. As much as I love to be out there, I go through periods of time where I just want to close myself off from the world and hibernate in my own little world. Especially during the last year it's been hard for me to really get out there and be sociable. It's been difficult for me to do much of anything. I realize that making friends and keeping friends takes work to nurture and grow, and I want to take this opportunity to tell my friends thank you. Thank you for putting up with my eccentric ways, thank you for not giving up on me, thank you for still being my friends!

My two very best friends in the whole wide world, my mom, and my husband Paul. Without them many things in my life would not be possible. Thick or thin, they are both the glue that hold me together. Yes, I am counting them as friends, even though they are family, they are my best friends.
Stephanie, Patty, and Gareth, we are celebrating Paul's birthday here. I met Steph and Gareth on the night of their engagement party over 13 years ago. He proposed to her on the night Paul and I met. They have been with us through a lot of things and each time we move they ask are we moving closer to them? Nope we keep getting further away!!! I met Patty through another friend of mine and we just clicked. She's a firecracker and I love her for that! Were not just friends, we are practically family!
My BFF, Melissa (OK, I said mom and Paul were BFF'S, but really this in on a completely different level) We had the most awesome day at Disneyland earlier this year and I can't wait to do it again! This weekend we are heading north to Gilroy to see her at the Northern Renaissance Faire with Stephanie. Girls weekend it's going to be crazy!

This is my ex sister in law Karen. We really don't say ex and yes she is family, and I wish we lived closer because I know we would be great fun together all the time. She's a great friend and I miss her!

Here is me, Troya, and Cynthia. Troya I have known since about 8th grade and we have really re-connected during our 20 year reunion. Cynthia and I didn't really know that much about each other in high school, and we reconnected through an online scrapbooking group. We all lead such different lives, but these two ladies are so much fun to be around! Glad Troya moved closer to CA, so we can see her more often!
Kim and I at the reunion. Again, we went to school together and I didn't know her at all than, but thanks to the online scrapbooking group, we got to know each other. I'm also responsible for her latest boyfriend...still hoping they name their first dog after me!
Our friends Craig and Cheri. We typically only see them once a year for New Year's where they have a standing invitation. Love these two and wish we saw more of them.

Tomasa and I have been friends for over 10 years now. She started as my boss at my last job and we became friends. I'm so bummed she's moved back to LA County, but so happy that she got a better and well deserved job. I miss her!

Met Esther and Stacy through a scrapbook group and love the two of them dearly. They have the biggest hearts in the world and can be fun and crazy too.
HAHA!!! I had to swipe this picture off of Mandy's Facebook profile!!!! Funny Mandy and I have known each other for a couple of years now. She works at my local neighborhood Vons store. We have talked off and on and one day going through her line Melissa and I had our coupon books that we made. She loved them and we found out that she's a scrapbooker too! So she joined the group and in the last few months have really gotten to be good friends. She has a little dog named Abbey who's the same age as my Brutus. So we now have play dates. We have so much in common that it's almost scary! She's a lot of fun to be around and we just got our men to meet each other and we are looking forward to many more couple dates. We have lots of stuff planned for our babies too!
     That's not even the most pictures that I could put on my blog, but the people that I probably interact with the most. I have to admit that I weed out my photos on a yearly basis from my computer and there are some more I would like to include here, but it's difficult rummaging around Cd's trying to find all the photos I want. I haven't taken very many pictures this year either.
     Did I tell you that I do get very jealous when women tell me that they have had a certain friend or friends since childhood? Funny how I live in the same town I grew up in and a can say that I am not really friends with any of those people. They have all moved on, moved out, and maybe it's more about the fact that I don't always make a great friend. However, with the invention of Facebook, I can at least say that I am again friends with many people that I grew up with and while we don't always keep in touch personally, it's fun to be able to interact once in a while with them and see how their lives are going.
     I am lucky to have my friends and what I can tell you is that each of these people listed here and all the ones I have had during my life have made my life better by having known them and whether they live down the street, the next town, the next county, or another state; these women have all blessed my life in one way or another. Thank you to all I love each and every one of you!


MandyLou said...

Holly!! First of all I just want to say thank you for including me in your friends blog. I have to admit Greg did see it first and he said you should write a book.LOl I do believe that people come into our lives for a reason and I'm so glad that you invited me to your scrap group that day. It is kinda scary how much we have in common and how easily we have become friends. I know there will be many more doggie play days, shopping trips and couples dates ahead of us. So thank you for coming into my life and being my friend. Love ya!!! Mandy Barrett

Tricia said...

Thanks for including me too!!!
Just kidding, no hard got it from Laurie on mine when it was my day to post this challenge, but I found a pic of
Yes, and moms are most of the time correct with what they tell

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